Our privacy policy details how we collect, use and handle your information when you use our websites, software and services ("Services").

What's collected & why?

We collect and handle a range of information relating to your account and your usage of our service.  As outlined below, the information is required in the provision of our Services.

Your Account

Information such as your name, email address and payment information is collected and associated with your account.

Usage of Our Services

The provision of our Services requires us to store, process and transmit your data.  We collect information relating to how you connect, which web browser and device and from which IP addresses.  In order to provide real-time and interactive support we collect and store a number of user actions in relation to each individual team, such as login date/time, teams accessed, time recorded and bills created/posted.

Cookies & Other Such Technologies

We use cookies and other related technologies to further enrich your user experience, such as remembering your email address and other session related parameters.

Shared with Whom

FaceFresh takes the security of your information extremely seriously and seeks to minimise and control the sharing of your data wherever possible.   In order to help in the provision, improvement, protection and promotion of our Services, there maybe a requirement to share your information with trusted third parties.  However, this is limited to only scenarios whereby it is for the third party to perform tasks on our behalf and in full compliance with this Privacy Policy.

Some of our features display information such as your name and email address to other Loggd users, such as within the invite emails and use-as selector and user management screens.

The Loggd API provides a mechanism for other applications and services to integrate with our Services, through which associated third party providers may obtain access to your information and account.  In such scenarios, their use of your information is also governed by their own privacy policies and terms.

The Law

Although strictly controlled and generally unnecessary, FaceFresh may disclose your information to third parties if determined such is required in order to (a) comply with the law; (b) protect any persons from serious injury or even death; (c) in the prevention of fraud or abuse of our Services and our users; or (d) in the protection of FaceFresh's rights.

We'll abide by the following over-arching Government request principles when receiving, scrutinising and responding to government requests for our users' data:

•           Be transparent,

•           Fight blanket requests,

•           Protect all users, and

•           Provide trusted services.

Keep Safe

The security of our Services and your data is a never ending process, constantly testing for vulnerabilities whilst working on new features to provide an ever more secure environment.

Deletion of your account will prompt the automatic deletion of the information we hold relating to that account, although actual deletion may witness a degree of latency due to associated backup process and back-end batch deletion and house-keeping operations.  The only even tin which we will keep such information is to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and in the enforcing of our agreements.

Location (EU Only)

Our service is designed and engineered to guarantee your data and the wider service offering is 100% EU-based. Loggd has no reliance upon US or other non-EU located components or services.

This guarantee covers your data held within the our Services.  The nature of our Service is that it integrates with external third party accounting services which may reside within other territories outside of the EU.


In the event of changes to this Privacy Policy, the latest and current version will be posted on our website.  You will be notified if any revision meaningfully reduces your rights.

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