Last Updated: 28 February 2018

February 2018

  • Added a new icon highlighting which invoice line-item is linked to the original time-billed entries to ensure reporting alignment throughout.
  • Warning introduced upon excessive editing of billed time entries on draft bills (>25%) to avoid accidental user error.
  • Terminology update: Bills  are not Invoices .
  • Backend updated to support the forthcoming release of the new Insight  (reporting) engine. Shhhh!
  • Minor Draft Bill colour scheme changes following user feedback (easier on the eye).
  • General bug fixes & patches.

January 2018

  • Introduced ability to limit nominal code override at team-level as well as adding capability to override the default codes at client & project-level.
  • Improved user journey when associated Xero team deleted (including the demo team).
  • Additional date-related validation checks on input.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

December 2017

  • Allow editing of Bill Date  during bill creation.
  • Improved Xero disconnect handling.
  • Team-level option to limit batch invoice creation, only allowing one at a time if required.
  • Workflow support (sign-up, notifications etc) for users with email-aliases.
  • Improved team switching user experience.
  • Fixed Forgotten Password workflow bug.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

November 2017

  • Support for inline User Tagging  within draft bill Notes & Comments , including automated emails to tagged users.
  • Introduced the ability to override both Sales  and Expenses nominal codes with client  and project  specific entries. 
  • More informative warning when attempting to record against an archived client / project.
  • Updated Quick Link  logic to ensure they disappear as items are archived.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

October 2017

  • Deployed new integrated Stopwatch  feature to support real-time recording.
  • Introduced Grouped Billable Expenses  feature, fully integrated into Xero.
  • Improved Daily Unread Message Summary template.
  • More efficient and quicker Xero sync routines, improving performance whilst reducing unnecessary cross-platform workload.
  • Introduced SmartSync  providing a more responsive user experience during Draft Bill creation and editing.
  • Additional Are you sure?  prompts at critical stages in the bill creation workflow, to reduce risk of accidental loss of changes/updates.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

September 2017

  • Expanded real-time push  notification capability across all Bill State  dropdown screens.
  • Introduced additional connection-state warnings when Xero interface dropped (including re-connect quick-link).
  • General bug fixes & patches.

August 2017

  • Made Email Notifications for bill review process and comments  optional.
  • Improved Team Settings screen, separating out into multiple tab-based interface for easy viewing.
  • Introduced push notifications  to the For Review screen, automatically reflecting the latest status.
  • Updated the Xero-sync algorithm to capture Approved to Sent status changes previously missing.
  • Optional setting to include the date of a particular time entry  within the draft bill line-item description.
  • Included Me (current user) entry at top of the Use As  list for quick change.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

July 2017

  • Added Draft Bill  Note  / Chat  functionality for internal discussion and commenting on bills prior to submission.
  • Introduced Bill Review  workflow allowing users to submit draft bills for review prior to submission, including associated Reject and Approval  features (Chat  integrated).
  • New view for Published Bills show invoices previously sent/approved to Xero.
  • Improved user journey when multiple user's editing the same draft bill, with asynchronous refresh.
  • User actions such as XXXX created draft bill and XXXX submitted draft bill for review integrated into new notes / chat panel.
  • Providing Nominal Code / VAT Rate  mapping between Purchase  and Sales codes, to improve Billable Expense auto-inclusion handling.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

June 2017

  • Draft bills relating to disabled/deleted users remain available for billing (in draft bills list).
  • Introduced support to variable parameter input order (i.e. add parameters in any order) using forward-slash /  switch to invoke.
  • JustType architectural tweaks to support optional parameter input.
  • Ability to override the default user rate inline (JustType) with /r switch.
  • Ability to mark a time entry as non-billable inline (JustType) with /n switch.
  • New dropdown menu (or enter / ) to present list of available parameters / tokens.
  • Exclude Written Off  time from Threshold Alert emails.
  • Improved handling and performance when handling high-volume historic time  entries (virtual scrolling).
  • Token icons added to JustType parameters as they are entered.
  • Support Xero API paginated  responses for Billable Expenses .
  • General bug fixes & patches.

May 2017

  • Introduced user-based targets, supporting daily, weekly and monthly values.
  • Added new Activity Type  tracking where users allocate time to a pre-defined type  (in additional to free-text description  field).
  • Introduced horizontal scrolling on JustType control to support v2 advanced features (coming soon).
  • Interface updates in line with vision for Insight  (reporting) integration.
  • More abrupt (red) confirmation dialog on delete time , including write off instead  option.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

April 2017

  • Prompt with Purchase VAT Rate  for Xero imported Billable Expenses.
  • Options to make Linked Users  and Threshold Alerts  mandatory for companies & projects.
  • Optional parameter to include billable expense dates in the description on draft bills.
  • Date quick-links always show Today and Yesterday first.
  • Inclusion of Tax Rate column within Draft Bills to allow changing prior to post.
  • All currency references represented with common syntax (£xx,xxx.xx).
  • Ability to sort Companies & Projects by name or reference number.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

March 2017

  • Prompt to automatically write-off un-billed time when a client / project is archived.
  • Added user confirmation prompts to key actions (including create bill, transfer / write off / delete time).
  • Added a Select All  function to select all time entries (for bulk actions).
  • Show a monetary total for all selected rows (all rows if none selected).
  • Introduced pagination when large numbers of time entries.
  • Added company address details to draft bills screen.
  • Included support for keyboard shortcuts through the main interface / screens.
  • Removed written off  time from the daily / weekly / monthly summary values.
  • Back-end performance gains.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

February 2017

  • Support for Billable Expense Only Bills .
  • Specify Xero invoice template (branding) during draft bill creation.
  • New Default Ref  field settings.
  • Improved loading  performance.
  • New Year to Date summary box on main data entry screen.
  • Custom reference field editing during draft bill creation.
  • Updated Billable Expense sync handling (incl. something has changed  prompts).
  • General bug fixes & patches.

January 2017

  • Overhauled bill creation engine, including saving and sharing of draft bills.
  • Added support for editing / specifying due dates and custom invoice reference.
  • Wider log view, including additional columns.
  • Improved threshold alert email templates.
  • Better date validation and limited future recording.
  • Optional writing off of un-billed time.
  • Add custom non-time rows during invoice creation.
  • Improved JustType handling of activity, duration and date parameters.
  • Improved weekly and monthly real-time summary.
  • Improved billable expense project reference extraction.
  • Retain Use As  state between sessions.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

December 2016

  • Associate team members with clients and projects.
  • Allocate an un-billed threshold and automated email alerting.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

November 2016

  • Additional client contact fields added, auto-sync'ing to Xero.
  • Auto-release time allocated to Xero deleted invoices.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

October 2016

  • Edit existing clients and projects, auto-syncing to Xero.
  • General bug fixes and patches.
  • SMS-based user validation support added.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

September 2016

  • Improved client & project filtering capability.
  • Access client & project management from time entry screen.
  • Improved user registration process when no teams initially available.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

August 2016

  • Inclusion of project reference on Xero invoice (project-based billing only).
  • Delete team capability.
  • Dynamic client & project historic time filtering.
  • Navigation to Company & Project management from time entry screen.
  • Updated subscription model to accommodate EU VAT requirements.
  • General bug fixes & patches.

July 2016

  • Xero integration (Xero Partner Programme).
  • Xero Billable Expense  automation.
  • Automated company & project numbering.
  • Configurable rounding value.
  • Record time as other users capability.
  • Last 5  quick links buttons.
  • General bug fixes & security patches.

June 2016

  • Multi-invoice posting.
  • Line item aggregation.
  • Xero integration (Initial public application offering).
  • Company & project archiving (Xero integrated).
  • General bug fixes & security patches.

May 2016

  • Product launch.
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